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Dump your resume and upload your brain chemistry!?

By Andrew Banks

5 Min Read

Don’t laugh, this way of finding a job is coming soon to your job market!

...says Andrew Banks, Founder of Talent2/Morgan & Banks ASX listed recruitment giants Shark Tank investor.

Looking for a job has always been a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We are each amazing unrepeatable miraclesfloating around the job seeking universe trying to get a gig with another unrepeatable miracle(the employer) and often feeling misunderstood or underestimated.

Dump your resume and upload your brain chemistry


“If only they could read my mind and see who I really am as a person and not judge me simply by my past experiences (resume)!”

And, if that is not enough, with the advent of the www we have the ability to search jobs all over the world, and yet applying for them still seems like a “black and white” two-dimensional world where often your experience doesn’t seem to match what is being asked for, but you know in your heart “you both want and can do the job!

Well, hold the phone!

Now with the advent of AI and new, smart HR technologies, we can bypass the somewhat narrow world of “send in your resumewhich simply contains what you used to think about”, plus skills and knowledge. We can move towards the Brave New World where “how you think, the way you like to be motivated and managed, and the way you fit into teams and interact with others can now be measured and assessed, quickly and efficiently on-line and in real time!

So, you’re now being compared to the organisation you are thinking of joining!

And here’s the brilliant part – it’s not just some smart psych profile you have to trust that was based on general population data gleaned from a random study. Your profile can be compared to the exact culture fit and personality profile of their existing top performing and happy employees!!

Yes, that’s right, the employers not only get a readout of your resume “fit”, but also how well you compare to their team culture, their motivational profile, how they like to be led!!

The speed of AI processing and the availability of breakthrough technology which allows job applicants to compare themselves to the all important “soft” factors such as their cultural and motivational fit, is going to revolutionise the workplace!

It will also lead to far higher levels of employment going forward because its' bias is screening job applicants in, as opposed to out, based on who they are today - not what their past says about them!

The prize for all of us is we will be able to match ourselves against a new job by the way we think and who we really are as a person, as opposed to the stale and limited information that can be found on our resume!

This will be transformational and give companies and countries a competitive advantage through higher productivity.