About us

Founders Rudy Crous and Carl Hartmann created Compono because they inherently believe that an organisation’s sustained competitive advantage will always be the people that work for the business. A serial entrepreneur, Carl quickly learnt that hiring and nurturing the wrong people can come at a huge cost to growth. Similarly, Rudy’s experience as a corporate psychologist left him frustrated at the cost of bad hiring and career development practices employed by many businesses.

Our leaders

Trent Innes

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Hartmann

Co-founder & Chairman

Rudy Crous

Co-founder & EVP – Delivery & Operations

Justin Robinson

SVP – Commercial

Peter Scott

Chief Product Officer

Tamara O’Sullivan

Chief People Officer

Amy Larfield

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Connell

Chief Marketing Officer

Gigi Tsang

Director of Operations

Lian Mabee

General Counsel

Raife Watson

Director of Partnerships

Nathan Kelleher

UK Sales Representative

Key investors

Tink Taylor
Andrew Banks
Deepbridge Capital
Maropost Ventures

“Compono gave me insights into my current workforce and enabled us to grow.”

John smith - Atlassian

Who we work with

More and more industry leaders are unlocking their people potential with Compono.