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At last, a simple tool that maps the way your business works. Unlike other tools, we give you practical insights you can actually use to hire more effectively and improve team performance.
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For People Leaders and Culture Champions

If you don't understand how you work, how can you improve it? Everyone benefits from a clear understanding of the ways your business works and where it is heading.

x4 more revenue for companies with strong culture

(Source: Forbes)

Features to get excited about


Workplace visibility benefits that make perfect business sense

  • Simple to use
  • See how your business really works
  • Practical benchmarks for better hiring
  • Focus improvement projects in the right areas

Frequently asked questions

What if I already have a culture assessment tool – how is this different?

Too often, culture assessment solutions provide insights you can’t really do anything with. Things like ‘happiness’ scores or ‘engagement’ metrics are all fine to know – but what do you do with that information? If your ‘happiness’ score declines, how do you know how to fix it? That’s why we take a practical approach. Compono Engage specifically looks at the way your business works, or ‘how we do things around here to get work done’. With this in mind, we use these measurements to create specific and practical hiring benchmarks you can use straight away. Knowing how your business works, and how each different team works, means you can hire people that better match your business. Hiring better matched people naturally leads to improved retention, engagement and business performance. Compono Engage is the culture assessment tool with real application.

Does it integrate into my existing HRIS system?

We have a growing list of HRIS partner integrations on the horizon. Soon, you’ll be able to import your employee data directly into Compono Engage from your HRIS system.

Who can see the results of my workplace assessments?

When you create a Compono Engage account, you can nominate your own administrators. For now, only administrators can see the results of a culture campaign. We’re working on expanding the number of roles we support soon.

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