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How Lyre’s achieved incredible growth during a global pandemic

Learn how Lyre’s Spirit Co. grew from 4 employees in Australia and the UK to 70 employees across over 50 countries within 24 months.

Watch this on demand session with Paul Gloster, CMO of Lyre’s Spirit Co. and Rudy Crous, Co-founder of Compono as they discuss:

  • The challenges Lyre’s faced in building a global team
  • How Lyre’s built a strong company culture that is consistent across multiple geographic regions
  • How Compono supported Lyre’s in finding the needles in a haystack of 1,200 applicants

"We’ve had over 1,200 people apply for roles at Lyre’s and in 2021 we’ve opened 40 new positions at an average of 1.6 a week. So, having a technology partner like Compono is absolutely critical for us."

Paul Gloster
Lyre's Spirit Co.

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