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What exec teams really want from HR in 2024


What does your executive team really need from HR professionals this year?

Will your people strategy help or hinder you achieving your goals?

And how can you know the difference?

In this one-time-only live webinar, Bob Schwartz (former Founder and President of eCommerce giants Nordstrom and Magento, and highly respected board advisor) reveals what your executive team really needs from HR leaders in 2024.

Even better, Bob was joined by renowned Corporate Psychologist and CEO Rudy Crous, who shared real-world, practical tips on how to better plan and leverage your people strategy this year. 

One of the key things we covered is the need for HR professionals move out of ‘admin’ and into ‘people leadership’ by mastering people data. 

That’s why we wanted to give you free trial access to the Compono platform.

Once you've opened your trial account, you can turn the way your business works today into a set of data points that show you if your people are aligned to your business goals.

We think you’ll be blown away by the new insights you can share with your CEO and exec team.