Learning Management

Simplify your learning management

A simple and intuitive learning management system that grows with your organisation's training needs.


Deploy your workforce training and onboarding practices no matter your organisation size. Assign learning groups and roll out training modules easily and efficiently.


Understand how learners engage with your training, whether it’s for compliance or self-development. Dedicated dashboards for both managers and learners enable team progress and engagement to be tracked.

Tailored learning

Utilise the flexibility to create tailored learning pathways that enable people growth, develop skills for existing employees, and fulfil their career development needs. You can even monetise your training courses by selling them in your own dedicated marketplace.

Bring your own

If you already have a list of your own course content, our learning platform enables you to seamlessly integrate it, saving you time and resources whilst enjoying greater control of the content.

Build your own

Combine multiple module types and personalise your learning pathways with intelligent automation actions, ensuring each learner receives the right content, at the right time.

Sell your courses

Sell complete eLearning courses or enrolments to face-to-face events by connecting your Stripe account to your Learning Space. Introduce new revenue streams into your business.

Course creation

Unlock the freedom to import your own courses or use our modular-based course builder. Create choose-your-own-adventure style path modules that allow different learner journeys depending on the user’s selection.

Flexible integration

With the flexibility to integrate into your HRIS or CRM system or even white-label under your brand, Compono is the perfect partner to grow together with your business.

Comprehensive reporting

Capture valuable data, including learner enrolments, events, user progress, and more in real-time or periodically. Customised reports can be scheduled for delivery to key people on a regular basis.

“As a Learning Management System, what we really like about the learning platform is that it’s easy to navigate and simple to use as both an administrator and learner.”

Elise Kambarami, L&D Specialist.

Learning management that grows with you

Simplify compliance

Whether it’s for OHS or internal compliance, you can ensure that your workforce meets the required regulations.

Automate onboarding

Save time and improve the onboarding experience by automating your workflow.

User management

Import and assign multiple users easily with bulk actions, group automation, or API calls.

Customer support

We provide detailed training and ongoing support to ensure our products meet your business needs.

Mobile friendly

Administer training wherever your learners are. Anywhere, anytime, any device.

Secure data

We are ISO 27001 certified, which means your data is safeguarded in the best possible way.

Who we work with

Our industry-leading clients continue to unlock their learning potential with Compono.