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The Helper
"Let's support each other"

Major characteristics of the Helper:
  • Empathetic, persuasive, and perceptive of others' feelings
  • Promotes collaboration and team-focus
  • Considerate and enjoys helping and supporting others
  • Driven by personal values
  • Beliefs oriented
  • Reserved, reflective, and contemplative
  • Giving and approachable
Your team's ideal candidate profile is the Helper
Now, let us help you find one.
Here are 3 questions to help you interview candidates.


Can you provide an example of a time when you successfully promoted team collaboration and sharing within a project or team?

How did you encourage open communication, foster a collaborative environment, and facilitate knowledge sharing?

What were the outcomes in terms of improved teamwork and project success?


Tell me about a situation where you supported and provided guidance to team members to help them achieve their goals or overcome challenges.

How did you offer assistance, mentorship, or resources to support their growth and development?

What impact did your support have on their performance and overall team dynamics?


Describe a time when you actively participated in defining and implementing team and company values.

How did you contribute to shaping the values and ensuring their alignment with the organisation's mission and vision?

How did you promote these values within your team and across the company?

What impact did it have on the work culture and employee engagement?

Use this scoring key to evaluate your candidates!

👉 Download and share this scoring key with your interview team to see if your candidates are a good match.

Download a scoring key for the Helper
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