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The Campaigner
"Let's sell the dream"

Major characteristics of the Campaigner:
  • Negotiator, seller, promoter
  • Drawing people in and attracting audiences
  • Enjoys the thrill of the chase
  • People-oriented and enthusiastic
  • Prefers variety and excitement over routine
  • Enjoys networking and building relationships
  • Big picture thinker, creative and imaginative
  • Inspiring, persuading, and influential
Your team's ideal candidate profile is the Campaigner
Now, let us help you find one.
Here are 3 questions to help you interview candidates.


Can you share an example of a situation where you effectively utilised your negotiation, selling, and promotional skills?

How did you engage with stakeholders, promote a product or idea, and influence others to take action or make a decision?

What were the outcomes in terms of successful negotiations, sales, or promotions?


Describe a time when you successfully drew people in and attracted audiences to a project, event, or initiative.

How did you capture their attention, generate interest, and create an engaging experience?

What strategies or techniques did you use to appeal to different audiences?

What were the results in terms of audience participation or response?


Tell me about a time when you demonstrated your people-oriented and enthusiastic approach.

How did you connect with individuals or teams, motivate them, and create a positive and collaborative work environment?

What were the outcomes of your people-oriented mindset in terms of team dynamics, productivity, or success?

Use this scoring key to evaluate your candidates!

👉 Download and share this scoring key with your interview team to see if your candidates are a good match.

Download a scoring key for the Campaigner
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