Combining human psychology, AI, and organisational data to help predict your best next employee.

Go beyond skills and qualifications

Organisation Analysis

We evaluate candidates based on your company data, making sure that the talent you hire is right for your business.

Job Analysis

Leverage our leading skills and competency frameworks to match role requirements to performance potential.

Candidate Analysis

We evaluate a candidate's potential upfront so you get the right talent from the beginning.

Remove bias

We remove bias through scientifically-proven models that automatically screen, rank, and then match candidates to role requirements, in real time.

More engaged talent

By aligning the purpose and values of both candidate and company, your people will be more engaged and motivated to perform in the role.


Reduced time to hire

Research shows that harnessing the power of AI can reduce time to hire by more than half. Data can be analysed faster, allowing you to focus on engaging with candidates.

LinkedIn Talent Solution Report


Reduced cost of hiring

With greater hiring efficiency, built-in psychometric assessment and culture matching, candidates are better matched, improving talent retention and saving on costs.

Dynamic candidate matching

  • Hiring managers can configure percentage weightings for their key selection criteria and the system will dynamically match it in real time.

  • Automatically recalculate candidates' scores within the platform and rank them accordingly.

Uncover hidden talents

  • Review thousands of talent options in our database, beyond the reach of traditional job boards.

  • Increase your chances of finding a great match in values, job requirements, and culture, then invite them to apply.

Simple, intuitive dashboard

Candidates from all sources are fed into one, centralised database. Determine what's important through a weighting scale that recalculates in real time, increasing the accuracy of your candidate scoring and selection decisions.


How to avoid these 5 hiring mistakes

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" This approach has improved the quality of candidates interviewed and enabled us to look beyond our industry to find great candidates who have transferable skills and fit right in. "

Joanna Plohl, Group HR Manager of Clarendon Homes

Other great features

Easy implementation

Post and manage from one place. Candidate applications from multiple job boards, social sites, and career pages all feed into the same system.

User management

Powerful user control lets you roll out multi-organisation access by department, location, or any other way your organisation is structured.

Cloud-based platform

Access your hiring information securely from anywhere with our ISO 27001 certified, cloud-based platform.

Flexible integration

With API integration, our platform links seamlessly into your existing Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Management Systems, or company career page.

Streamlined your process

Built-in applicant tracking helps you manage and track your hiring process, no matter whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Job templates

Simplify the hiring process by using pre-created job templates for your roles to hire the right talent faster.

Who we work with

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