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Predict the best people to hire.

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Use science to make the right hiring decisions

Automatically assess and rank every candidate without bias, for every role, using scientifically-proven psychometric analysis, bench-marked against your unique culture.

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Standardise the way you collect and sort candidate information with automation. Spend less time on those repetitive tasks that clog up your day.

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Connect with more candidates, quickly

Get immediate access to exclusive pools of talent to strengthen your competitive advantage. Amplify your candidate search by connecting to hundreds of job boards, locally and globally. Accessing quality talent has never been this simple.

“This approach has improved the quality of candidates interviewed and enabled us to look beyond our industry to find great candidates who have transferable skills and fit right in.”

Joanna Plohl, Group HR Manager of Clarendon Homes

Find the perfect fit without the fuss

The Compono Hiring solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to super-charge your hiring outcomes, helping you hire better people, build better teams, and improve organisational productivity.

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