Proactively evaluate and design your organisation, unlocking the power of your people to create higher performing teams, culture and individuals.

Align people and business strategy

Science, data and academic models combine in one platform to help you understand how your business and people strategy align.

Design your work environment

Evaluate the relationship between your organisation’s current and desired culture, the attitudes and beliefs held by your people, and the effects of these in the workplace to build a higher performing workforce.

Build the workforce of tomorrow

Gain visibility into the various skills and competencies of your people, identify how to up-skill or redeploy them, and build dynamic teams to drive higher performance and workforce engagement.

Continuously raise the bar on performance

Benchmark your top performers across technical and non-technical skills and find out what makes them successful. Power this further with Compono's hire solution to bring the right talent into your business.

Redefine what’s possible

Compono's unique capabilities help improve organisational performance by aligning business goals and objectives with a systems approach to organisation design.

Culture Insight

Discover how to embed the desired culture into your current climate.

Continuous improvement

Gain actionable insights to identify mechanisms for change.

Identify barriers

Identification of constraints and barriers that block desired behaviours, so you can take actions to progress.

Internal mobilisation

Align business goals with your talent capabilities. Find competency gaps, up-skill or redeploy your people.

Profile high performance

Create benchmarks from your star performers and replicate that 'secret sauce'. Find people who fit perfectly and elevate your team.

Secure data

We are ISO 27001 certified, which means your data is safeguarded in the best possible way.