Cost of Attrition

Keeping employees engaged is critical for achieving your business goals. When someone leaves, it has a significant financial impact… especially if they are a high performer.

As a strategic business leader, you can articulate how your investment in engagement can impact the bottom line.

Plug your unique salary data into this calculator to understand your cost of attrition.

Cost of Attrition Calculator


Cost to replace each employee

For each employee lost, the cost to the company could be 50%–250% of his/her annual salary. (SHRM)

Cost to replace each employee:

Cost of Disengagement

Are employees unhappy? Are you seeing tardiness, absenteeism, and a decrease in productivity?

Gallup’s research estimates the cost of your employee disengagement is approximately $3,400 for every $10k of salary. Scarily, that is 34%

Plug your headcount and average salary into this calculator to understand your cost of disengagement.

Cost of Disengagement Calculator


Total Cost of Disengagement

  • Gallup estimates 17.2% of the workforce is actively disengaged.
  • Gallup % cost of disengagement = 34%

# disengaged employees:

Annual cost per disengaged employee:

Total cost of disengagement:

Cost of Shortlisting

Reading a lot of resumes before you can shortlist your candidates? What about screening and ranking those candidates? Depending how many roles you hire each year, there's potentially a huge cost attached to all those resumes.

Plug your average time spent reviewing a candidate and applicant volume into this calculator to understand your cost of shortlisting.

Cost of Shortlisting Calculator

This may include reading cover letters and resumes, screening, evaluating, and ranking each candidate.
Enter time as minutes figure i.e. 30 secs = 0.5 minutes, 90 secs = 1.5 minutes


Total time spent

Time spent shortlisting (annually): hours

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