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The Coordinator
"Let's make a plan"

Major characteristics of the Coordinator:
  • Organised, prepared, and dependable
  • Works towards deadlines
  • Deliberate and quick to make decisions
  • Enjoys developing procedures and systems
  • Sets priorities, implements targets, and enforces deadlines
  • Determined and persistent
  • Action and results-oriented
  • Analytical and objective
Your team's ideal candidate profile is the Coordinator
Now, let us help you find one.
Here are 3 questions to help you interview candidates.


Can you give an example of a project or initiative where you successfully planned and organised people and worked to achieve a specific objective?

How did you allocate tasks, establish timelines, and ensure effective coordination among team members?

What were the outcomes of your planning and organising efforts?


Describe a situation in which you were tasked with developing procedures and systems to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of a process.

How did you go about identifying areas for improvement, designing the new procedures or systems, and implementing them within the organisation?

What impact did these changes have on the overall operations?


Tell me about a time when you had to define priorities, set targets, and enforce deadlines for a team or project.

How did you determine the order of importance for tasks and establish clear goals?

How did you ensure that deadlines were met and how did you handle any challenges or obstacles along the way?

What were the results of your efforts in terms of meeting targets and completing projects on time?

Use this scoring key to evaluate your candidates!

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