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Certified Skills

Innovative learning and assessment solutions that deliver successful learning outcomes.


Certification with customisation

For licensing bodies looking to educate and assess their clients, Compono’s Certification products are an innovative training and certification solution. Deliver demonstrable results with our proven approach to interactive learning.


Richer experiences

Cutting-edge content featuring real-life scenarios and creative challenges ensures that participants are attentive and engaged.

Effective outcomes

Certification doesn’t mean just ticking boxes. Carefully-designed training drives altered behaviour, so your people can unlock their potential.


Beyond best practice


Category expertise

Courses are created based on extensive research by instructional design experts, who have worked directly with professionals in your field.


Interactive experience

The latest in user-centred design, our interactive learning modules are paced accordingly, providing engaging experiences that heighten retention.


Thorough assessment

Theory or practical simulation can be incorporated to provide comprehensive elements for assessment, leading to extensive learning outcomes.

2021 LearnX Award

Vic Roads Permit Test and Hazard Perception

Best Pandemic Response/E-Learning


Leader in certification


Course enrolments


Certifications issued

Data Analytics

Track learner enrolments, progress, assessment, and course completion statistics. Recommend specific courses to improve assessment outcomes.


Brilliant from the ground up

As a longstanding developer of class-leading training and certification programs, Compono believes that attributes such as data security and privacy are not optional, they’re the just the beginning.


Local & global standards

We meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the Australian Government security & privacy standard, and hold ISO 27001 certification.


Data security

We do not store learners' personally identifiable information. Assessment data is passed back into your system's license workflow.


System integration

Training and assessment is deployed directly from your front-end login system, ensuring a consistent user experience.


Outcome focused

Learning content is built on real-life experience, triggering emotional responses to drive behavioural change.


Optimised delivery

Training and assessment solutions that are accessible anywhere, reducing the operating cost of physical test centres.


Optional trials

We can incorporate trial assessment tests before the actual evaluation to assist learners' preparation.

Who we work with

Our industry-leading clients continue to unlock their learning potential with Compono.

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