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It was an amazing tool to identify key things about our culture and where we needed to put some work in. - Ben, Capterra Review

How it works

Think about your goals

Imagine one of your goals is to grow revenue by 20% this year. And to achieve that you need your people to:

  • Drive innovation in product and process
  • Focus on customer engagement
  • Work collaboratively as teams

But is that how your people work today?

Quote: I've never had this much clarity. The exec team will love this.

Send this assessment

Create your account, upload your people, and send them this pre-built assessment.

Designed by a corporate psychologist, the assessment will map exactly how your people work today.

Mobile-friendly, and intentionally easy.
It takes only minutes to complete.

See if your people and goals are aligned

See exactly how your business operates today across 12 key dimensions.

Break your data down to teams, departments or locations and compare performance.

See how well-aligned your people are with your business goals.


Find out if your
is aligned to your business goals.

Capterra reviews average a 4.9 out of 5

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Ross Andrew Paquette
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