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University Lecturer (Aust)
job description template

University Lecturer (Aust)
job description template

About the Role

We currently have openings for University Lecturers

You will deliver lectures and tutorials to students. As an expert in your academic field, you will also participate in research projects and contribute to academic publications.

What you will do: 

  • Planning content of lectures and tutorials
  • Preparing and marking essays, assignments and examinations
  • Preparing and delivering lectures and tutorials, seminars and laboratory sessions
  • Providing academic guidance to students
  • Conducting research and contributing to academic publications
  • Developing research agendas and applying for academic grants
  • Stimulating and leading discussion amongst students
  • Attending faculty meetings and conferences
  • Contributing to curriculum revisions and course and degree requirements
  • Providing consultation to academic boards, councils and committees

What you’ll need to succeed:  

  • Masters or Doctorate level in your chosen field of study 
  • Previous teaching experience or qualification highly regarded  
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with online and face-to-face students
  • Course administration and coordination experience is essential
  • Professional or hands on industry experience is advantageous
  • Good knowledge of academic related administration in university settings is advantageous

How to Apply

We would love to hear from you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply now by completing your profile in detail through the link below.

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