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Unity Developer
Job Ad Template

Unity Developer
Job Ad Template

About the Role

We are seeking an experienced Unity Developer to be part of our team! As our Unity Developer, you will be empowered to implement VR/AR functionality, translating design ideas, concepts and requirements .

What you will do:  

  • Use, maintain and build Unity editor tools to improve workflows and speed up development   
  • Translate Learning design specifications into functional VR & AR, and implement as per communicated design   
  • Collaborate with other the team members to establish effective pipeline and integrate media assets   
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable and reliable code   
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications

What you'll need to succeed:  

  • As a Unity Developer for our SaaS business you will need to have:      
  • 2+ years’ experience with C# programming with the Unity 3D engine   
  • Evidence of completed Unity projects - whether that be from industry experience or project(s) you’ve completed in your own time   
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming   
  • Knack for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code   
  • Familiarity with current design and architectural patterns   
  • Proficient knowledge of Git or equivalent code versioning tools   
  • Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving XR standards and development technologies   
  • Experience implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests   
  • Prior experience with eLearning (would be a significant benefit)   
  • Experience with Jira (would be a bonus)   
  • Familiarity with shader development (bonus)   
  • Experience with unity networking (e.g. Photon) (bonus)   
  • Experience in Build Automation (bonus)   
  • Experience with hooking up REST APIs from within Unity (bonus)
  • Whilst having experience working on VR and AR applications is a plus, it is not an absolute requirement. Having a solid understanding of Unity development workflow backed up by solid C# coding skills is more valuable to us!
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