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Job Ad Template

Job Ad Template

About the Role

An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Microbiologist to join our team.

What you will do: 

  • Examining microorganisms including fungi, bacteria, yeast and their enzymes
  • Using gained knowledge of microorganisms to develop and improve commercial products
  • Working to prevent the spread of harmful microbes in hospitals, food production and amongst the general population
  • Testing samples from patients and identifying the microbes that cause illness
  • Developing and improving fermentation processes
  • Providing consultation to public organisations on matters of health policy
  • Investigating the microbiology of living cells, tissue, organs, animals, plants and microorganisms

What you’ll need to succeed:     

  • Minimum bachelor degree in medical science, majoring in Biology
  • Familiarity with a range of relevant microbes (bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi) and cell lines
  • Ability to analyse data with a logical and analytical approach to problem solving
  • Good organisational skills and ability to work unsupervised
  • Sound knowledge of relevant scientific techniques, procedures and principles
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and to make sound decisions on a day to day basis
  • Demonstrated superior written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Australian Society of Microbiologists (ASM) membership beneficial

How to Apply

We would love to hear from you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply now by completing your profile in detail through the link below.

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