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How Aurizon leveraged Next Gen learning technologies to radically reshape learning outcomes and costs

New innovations and advancements in L&D have changed the game – not only in learning outcomes, but in the cost of delivering learning programs. Tim will showcase the journey Aurizon have undertaken to transform their learning strategies, and the business benefits they have realised along the way.


The remote collaboration KiwiRail achieved to build more effective employee learning solutions

Connecting teams across remote locations is never easy. Especially when you’re trying to drive innovative learning solutions. Amy and Susan will give you an inside view of exactly how they’ve overcome this challenge, and the benefits they’ve realised in the process.


Filling performance gaps through meaningful practice: the business case for immersive learning

In this session Compono’s Product Growth Manager, Tayor Hobbs, will walk you through the easy, five-step framework which you can use to build a VR business case for your company to dramatically improve your employee performance.


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