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The Evaluator
"Let's weigh up our options"

Major characteristics of the Evaluator:
  • Logical, critical, realistic
  • Objective risk evaluator
  • Investigative, analytical, critiquing
  • Enjoys testing ideas and weighing up alternatives
  • Likes to experiment and problem-solve
  • Action-oriented, deliberate, and prudent
  • Prefers variety over routine
  • Outgoing yet individualistic
Your team's ideal candidate profile is the Evaluator
Now, let us help you find one.
Here are 3 questions to help you interview candidates.


Can you describe a time when you had to assess, test, and critique a solution or approach in order to make improvements?

What steps did you take, and what was the outcome of your evaluation?


How do you approach evaluating and assessing risks in a project or decision-making process?

Can you provide an example of a situation where you effectively evaluated risks and made decisions based on your analysis?


Tell me about a time when you had to test ideas and prioritise options in order to find the most effective solution to a problem.

How did you approach the testing process, and how did you ultimately determine the best course of action?

Use this scoring key to evaluate your candidates!

👉 Download and share this scoring key with your interview team to see if your candidates are a good match.

Download a scoring key for the Evaluator
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