Deliver real-world training exercises that are not only safe but dramatically more effective - both in learning outcomes and asset utilisation.

Virtual Reality is a paradigm shift in training

Virtual Reality (also known as VR or Immersive) learning has leapt from science fiction to real world application and the results are staggering.


Improved performance

With VR training, employees can safely gain the confidence to work with heavy machinery and consumables by working in a stress-free environment.

(Source: Forbes)


Reduced training time

VR training can reduce training time by up to 40% while significantly improving the quality of training, especially in areas impacted by “Human Factors”.

(Source: Accenture)

Increase engagement

Our VR design experts work closely with you to create real-life, simulated experiences, including spatial, audio, and interactive operation procedures.

Feedback and current customer experience supports increased learner engagement with training, leading to better skill retention and improved performance.

Improve safety

We create simulated, high risk training modules that allow learners to interact, practice and observe the impact of their actions in a safe and repeatable virtual environment.

Training that has been proven to improve critical response time in real-world scenarios.

Improve asset utilisation

Implementing a VR training program removes the need to use actual equipment and consumables during the training process. This means less equipment downtime as well as operational disruption to critical assets.

"VR training speeds up the process of gaining confidence in moving from the classroom to the field. It made the transition so much easier."

Tim Pease, Manager Capability and Development, Aurizon
Case Study

Aurizon Case Study

Find out how Aurizon employed VR training through specialised modules, resulting in quicker deployment and minimising operational downtime.

Training segments

Immersive training opens up a new world of learning potential. From traditional operations through to high-risk scenarios, the benefits of training in virtual reality are numerous.


Build a continuous learning environment: operations training, refresher, reskilling and new employee training can be done without the constraint of site-specific or operational equipment.


Promote a culture of safety through realistic, simulated environments. Training on actual equipment can be hazardous. VR training allows repeatable scenarios for maximum exposure and retention.


Simulate rare or common issues at your discretion to better train for corrective action. Repeat scenarios as much as needed without having to involve critical equipment.

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