Rudy Crous

Co-founder & EVP – Delivery & Operations

As a Corporate Psychologist, Rudy has guided businesses on how to improve their company culture, competence and behaviours to help them excel in their mission and objectives. Passionate about people and intrigued by their relationship with work, Rudy saw a disconnect in the work cycle and human resources. Traditional recruitment and internal development approaches weren’t working, with both companies and individuals frustrated with the hiring process and peoples expectations on career development. This led to Compono being born. Utilising technology to bring the best practice approaches, science and academia into the world of work.

“I wanted every organisation to have access to the knowledge and models used by an organisational psychologist and neuroscientists to help them design their companies proactively. It’s important to use systematic, standardised, scientific approaches when it comes to talent acquisition, development, and retention and Compono offers this in it’s suite of products and solutions.”

Rudy believes that companies are living organisms and so are people. Companies just like people have personalities. With Compono there is now an intelligent platform where companies and candidates match to each other to ensure greater job satisfaction and happiness. The inherent belief is that science driven HR decisions make for better workplaces. Compono is there from the beginning of an individual's work journey to the end. Providing companies with the right intelligence and interaction for individuals to have greater fulfillment in their jobs and companies to more cohesively work with and develop their people. Rudy specialises in Organisational Change and Culture Management, Operational Strategy and Planning, Workforce Training and Assessment, Team and Leadership Coaching and Development.

He is a Registered Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Business Management (HR & IR), Bachelor of Science Psychology (Hons), Master of Organisational Psychology, and PhD Organisational Psychology (Candidate).