Justin Robinson

SVP - Commercial

Justin has extensive experience in financial and technical markets with a focus on corporate strategy, business improvement and technical innovation. Innately curious and incredibly driven, Justin always asks “why”. He applies his background in Banking, Financial Services and Big Data to provide an amazing experience for clients to drive growth.

Justin started his career in Accounting and then spent a decade working for some of the biggest investment banks across the UK and Europe, building a wealth of experience in big data, and how to use it in the right way so that companies could begin to create better, highly customised end-user experiences.

On his return in 2005, Australia was experiencing a huge skills shortage. Justin saw that the way companies recruited talent hadn't really evolved and was still very much employer led. Justin co-founded Lode to put the candidate at the centre of the solution. Lode is a marketplace which enables candidates to build out their digital profile and employers to search and connect directly with the talent matching their first round criteria.

Although he loves going deep into data and finance, Justin is a role model for empathy-based leadership.

Justin holds an Executive MBA from Queensland University of Technology, CPA and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University.